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Afrigen is a part of a greater Localization effort in Africa called ANLoc, the African Network for Localization. In a nutshell, the goal of Afrigen is to create locales for 100 African languages within 12 months time. Today, only 36 of Africa's 2000 languages have their own locales.

Why a Locale?

The first step for any localization project is to ensure that all users and computer systems can identify underlying language and country parameters. A locale is a master file that can be used across applications to specify meta-data for each language/ country pair. Data include language information such as how to express dates and Unicode font support, as well as country information such as currency names and symbols. When a locale is implemented properly, documents can be identified by language of origin, facilitating features such as search, spell-checking, and application-specific user options. Having a completed locale for a language is fundamental for the success of all future localization activities for that language.

How can I help out?

If you speak any of the 200 target languages and are willing to commit a few hours of your time to make sure that your language gets included in the world of computers, please contact us at locales@africanlocalization.net.
100 African Language Locales
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