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ICT for Development

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bullet1 Dimensioning of a solar/battery backup systemPresentationAlberto Escudero Pascual2008-05-10
bullet1 Power backup systems and Low Power ComputingPresentationLouise Berthilson2008-05-10
bullet1 Equitable Access to ICT Infrastructure and Internet ConnectivityPresentationAlberto Escudero Pascual2008-05-10
bullet1 ICT for Social DevelopmentPresentationLouise Berthilson2008-05-10
bullet1 Localization of Computer SoftwarePresentationLouise Berthilson2008-05-10
bullet1 The Open Swahili Localization Project (2004­2005) Lessons LearnedPresentationAlberto Escudero Pascual2008-05-10
bullet1 Introduction to Wireless Communications, The politics of connectivityPresentationAlberto Escudero Pascual2008-05-10
bullet1 Wireless Technology for Development community Networks and their challengesPresentationLouise Berthilson2008-05-10
bullet1 VoIP­ 4D Building Voice Infrastructure in Developing RegionsPresentationAlberto Escudero Pascual2008-05-10
bullet1 Introduction to Internet satellite connectivityHandoutAlberto Escudero Pascual2005-10-23
bullet1 Examination: Quiz 1ExerciseLouise Berthilson,
Alberto Escudero Pascual
bullet1 Examination: Quiz 2ExerciseLouise Berthilson,
Alberto Escudero Pascual
bullet1 Examination: Quiz 3ExerciseLouise Berthilson,
Alberto Escudero Pascual