July 24, 2005 20:44

Installing Swahili Language Pack for Firefox 1.0.6

To install the Swahili (sw-TZ) Language Pack in Firefox download the files sw-TZ.xpi and switch-locales-1.0.xpi from the development area. Open File -> Install both XPIs. You should get a new menu under Tools that allows you to switch between languages. The language pack has been tested with Firefox 1.0.6 in WinXP and Ubuntu 5.0.4.

The following error

*** getItemProperty failing for lack of an item. 
This means getResourceForItem failed to locate a resource 
for aItemID (item ID = file:///home/aep/sw-TZ.xpi, property = disabled)

appears when installing the Language Pack in Firefox 1.0.2 (version released with Ubuntu)

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