April 23, 2006 11:00

Cygwin and Windows XP

I am installing "cygwin" in a Windows XP box to compile OpenOffice.org. These are some notes i took during the installation.

I am installing version 1.5.19-4, previous versions of cygwin seemed to freeze the compilation process. More info about this issue #51560. One of the initial problems i found with the cygwin environment and Windows XP in general is to work with the graphical interface, i rather ssh into the box and use the command line... the first thing i did was to install Real VNC in the box and use the Java Applet client to connect from my Linux client. Unfortunately, the Java Applet did not allow me to use the TAB key :-(. Finally, i found a nice document that describes how to install SSH server in Cygwin. You can check it out here. After installing the SSH2 server in the Windows box, i can skip VNC

it46@ooowin32 /cygdrive/i/WF/BuildDir/ooo_OOB680_m5_src/config_office
$ ls
CVS         bootstrap.1  config.parms   configure.in  set_soenv.in
README      bootstrap.2  config.status  makefile.rc   warn
aclocal.m4  config.log   configure      set_soenv

I still have problems with the UTF8 support in cywgin and editing some of the files required me to use the VNC and my best buddy: Wordpad. I think it is a font problem... need to check this out.

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