Bush roads in Okongo.

bullet1 Wireless/VoIP Network in Owambaland, Namibia

Published: 3 Dec 2008

IT46 and SchoolNet Namibia are collaborating to deploy a Wireless Network in Okongo, Namibia. Okongo is a remote town located in Northern Namibia, close to the Angolan border. The area is poorly equipped in terms of both road and communication infrastructure. Most of the schools do not have electricity or access to the plain telephone network. Schools located outside of the town (10-30 kms radius) are not properly covered by GSM, which leaves few options for voice communication. Given the fact that all of the bush roads are covered in thick sand, a 4x4 is required to reach Okongo town in a reasonable time. One day walk in the hot sand is the only alternative for many if not most.

The purpose of the project is to enhance communication between local schools and give to the school staff a way to communicate with the outside world through PSTN, GSM and ultimately, the Internet.

IT46 is designed a Wireless Network that will interconnect at least 15 primary and secondary school located in and around Okongo town. The network will provide low cost local telephony (between schools), Internet access and a PSTN/GSM gateway to reach the outside world. As part of design, the network will also provide access to a local Resource Centre hosting educational material.

Posted by: Louise Berthilson