In alphabetical order (by first name):



Charles RileyYale UniversityUSBug reporting and feedback
Chinedu UchechukwuIgboLocGermany/NigeriaLocale submission for Igbo
Denis Moyogo JacqueryeMcGill University, QuebecCanadaLocale submission for Lingala, Democratic Republic of the Congo
Donald Z. OsbornPanAfrLoc CoordinatorChina/USFeedback
Eike RathkeSun MicrosystemsGermanyQ&A
Farzaneh SarafrazIranLocale submission for Persian, Iran
Michael MusyaKenyaLocale submission for Kamba, Kenya
Murod LatifovTajik Language ProjectTajikistanLocale submission for Tajiki, Tajikistan
Nii Narku QuaynorGhanaLocale submission for Ga, Ghana
Paa Kwesi ImbeahYale UniversityUSLocale submission for Akan, Ghana
Paul ShutBug reporting during migration to PHP5
Peter NugentSun MicrosystemsIrelandConversion tools to CLDR
Paa Kwesi ImbeahYale UniversityUSLocale submission for Ga, Ghana
Soyapi MumbaMalawiLocale submission for Nyanja, Malawi
Tawfiq MusahUS/GhanaLocale submission for Hausa, Nigeria
Traugott Wolake DakeGhanaLocale submission for Éwé, Ghana
Uchenna AgbimIgboLocUS/NigeriaLocale submission for Igbo and Hausa (Nigeria) and bug reporting