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[PDF] Wireless Network Architecture Proposal
Type of document: Publications and Presentations
This technical report commisioned by IDRC is released under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Sweden Licence.
Published: 13 2006f Apr 2006

Community Wireless Networks @Fantsuam
Type of document: IT46 Blog
A tower of 150 feet has been erected at Fanstuam Foundation premises. Fanstuam headquarters is one kilometer from the center of Kafanchan, where many of the potential partners are situated. The visibility in a normal is more difficult that i expected as the dust makes very difficult to see the sites that are more than 1.2 Kms away. We needed to climb the tower over 20 meters to have the first look of the town. Fantsuam is at least 10 meters lower than the town center. This is very unfortunate as the simulations using SRTM telemetry did not reveal that different of hight. ...
Published: 20 2007f Feb 2007

Hot, Dust and an insane power grid
Type of document: IT46 Blog
We are working in Kafanchan (Nigeria) with Fantsuam Foundation. The server room is going to require some changes to accommodate the new wireless NOC. The dust is really an enemy here and it is difficult to find good solutions to isolate computers without a good cooling system. Unfortunately the power grid is just insane, voltage fluctuates constantly and although we have three phases coming into the premises, the generator is the only reliable source of power. And when the power from the grid comes it stays 80-90 V for hours; bulbs work... PCs do not. In the server room a fuse allows us to choose the phase (of the three available)... as sometimes power is only available in one of them. ...
Published: 23 2007f Feb 2007

Who is who?
Type of document: IT46 Blog
After years of searching, we finally found the home of the Doz, the well known construction builders in the Fraggle world! He claims his name is Ochuko Onoberhie and that he is the system administrator of Fantsuam Foundation. In this outfit, who can believe him! ...
Published: 24 2007f Feb 2007

Community Wireless Training in Nigeria
Type of document: News
The training of Fantsuam Foundation's Wireless Community Network Team took place the 19 Feb - 5 Mar 2007 in Kafanchan, Nigeria. A two week long training workshop in Wireless Communications was conducted by IT +46 in order to support Fantsuam Foundation in their process of building up a rural wireless ISP in Kafanchan. ...
Published: 12 2007f Mar 2007

Booking a flight to Nigeria
Type of document: IT46 Blog
We are preparing for another trip to Nigeria to work on a Electricity Backup System for Fantsuam Foundation in rural Nigeria. As usual, we do the bookings online, except for the hotel reservation in Kafanchan that requires local assistance since no fix telephony exist (hence no fax), the hotel lacks Internet connection and the GSM network is highly unreliable. ...
Published: 1 2007f Jul 2007

[PDF] 2nd Annual Connecting Rural Communities Africa Forum 2007
Type of document: News
During the 2nd Annual Connecting Rural Communities Africa Forum 2007, held in Nairobi 21-24 of August, two rural connectivity projects that IT +46 support where presented as showcases for sustainable solutions. The presentation was held by Mrs. Edith Adera, Senior Program Specialist, ACACIA Program, at IDRC. ...
Published: 24 2007f Aug 2007

Supporting Community­-driven Wireless Networks by Empowering Communities
Type of document: Presentations
A illustrative presentation of Fantsuam Foundation Rural Wireless ISP and the Community Wireless Resource Center, Uganda.
Published: 25 2007f Aug 2007

[PDF] Case study: ZittNet – Fantsuam Foundation
Type of document: Publications and Presentations
This case study focus on Zittnet, a wireless "community ISP" in rural Nigeria. Zittnet is built and managed by Fantsuam Foundation, a local non-­governmental organization that has been working together with the community of Kafanchan since 1996 to fight poverty and disadvantage through integrated development programs. Fantsuam's focus lies on micro finance, ICT services and social development in rural communities of Nigeria. To become the first rural wireless ISP in Nigeria was just another step towards their mission, to be a recognized leader in the provision of rural development initiatives and the foremost and thriving rural knowledge economy driver in Nigeria. ...
Published: 5 2007f Oct 2007

Omolayo Samuel: Climbing above the stereotypes
Type of document: Media Coverage
"As John Dada of APC-member the Fantsuam Foundation pointed out in a recent interview, while about 80% of its microfinance department is female, only half of the staff members in its ICT department are women. He explained that “the prevailing male-dominated culture [t]here is so pervasive that many women believe that certain careers are meant for men.” And yet, one young woman in Fantsuam’s ICT department became a role model for women in ICT when she became the first woman to climb a communications tower in northern Nigeria, and quite likely even in the whole country, on August 1 of this year."
Published: 22 2007f Oct 2007

[PDF] Zittnet Wireless Solar Repeater - Viability Study
Type of document: Publications and Presentations
This report summarizes the findings of a technical feasibility field study for the deployment of a solar-­powered repeater for Zittnet in Kagoro Hills. The report is the result of several field visits to Kagoro Hills in Kaduna and the simulation of the radio links. After proving the viability of such technical solution, the report provides a budget for its implementation. ...
Published: 18 2008f Jan 2008

Counting the Gains of Fantsuam
Type of document: Media Coverage
In this analysis, Efem Nkanga reports that the wireless Internet Service Provider (ISP) feat achieved by Fantsuam Village in Kafanchan, Kaduna State, has reinforced the importance of Information Communications Technology (ICT) as a tool that drives development, especially in the developing world. ...
Published: 16 2008f Jan 2008

IT +46 Annual Report 2007
Type of document: News
The Annual Report of IT +46 has now been released. The report summarizes the work undertaken by IT +46 during 2007 and shows that it has been yet another hectic year for the company. ...
Published: 24 2008f Jan 2008

Fantsuam Foundation, finalist in Stockholm Challenge 2008
Type of document: News
Fantsuam Foundation has with Zittnet, Nigeria's first rural community wireless network, been selected as one of the finalists in the Stockholm Challenge Award 2008 in the category of Economic Development. ...
Published: 21 2008f Mar 2008

Wireless Africa, Kickoff workshop
Type of document: News
How do we make Community Owned Information Networks work for the poor?
Published: 27 2008f Jun 2008

Wireless Africa identifies references sites
Type of document: Media Coverage
Canada is funding a new two-year pan-African wireless initiative to bring low-cost broadband to rural communities.
Published: 14 2008f Jul 2008

Wireless Africa, Training Workshop
Type of document: News
During five intensive days in November, 40 members of the Wireless Africa initiative met in Pretoria, South Africa, to participate in the first Technical and Business oriented Training Workshop of the Wireless-Africa project. The workshop attracted participants from no less than 14 African countries, which shows the emphasis on a truly Pan-African project. ...
Published: 25 2008f Nov 2008

Joint Workshop with Inveneo at Fantsuam Foundation
Type of document: News
1) VoIP (intro, IP04, AsteriskNOW, practical implementation of a "VoIP hotline" between Fantsuam and the general hospital. 2) Bandwidth management (how to shape the upstream pipe per client and application using MasterShaper) 3) Web caching with Squid (theory + practical) 4) How to minimize the use of international bandwidth (tips and tricks for end users) 5) Site survey to Kagoro hills (study location of wireless repeater) 6) Migrate current network servers to Inveneo units
Published: 1 2008f Mar 2008

Fantsuam's tower collapses during heavy rain storm
Type of document: News
IT46 has been working Fantsuam Foundation (Kafanchan, Nigeria) in the establishment of Zittnet, the first rural community wireless ISP in Nigeria since 2006. ...
Published: 24 2009f Apr 2009