Localization of Computer Software

Published 15 Nov 2005 by Alberto Escudero Pascual, Louise Berthilson

bulletDownload: WSIS_l10n_v2.pdf

Did you know that:

- Every two weeks, one language disappears
- English is NOT spoken by 2/3 of the world's population
- There are 6500 living languages in the world today.
- 5% of the world's languages are spoken by at least 1 million people and account for 94% of the world's population.
- The remaining 95% are spoken by only 6% of the world's people

The pessimists believe:

“In 100 year's time 90% of the world's languages will be gone, and that a couple of centuries from now the world may be left with only 200 tongues.”

This presentation is an engaging introduction to software localization. It guides you though topics as internationalization, localization, glossary, locales, writing systems, fonts, keyboards and spellcheckers.

The presentation was a part of the Sandbox/testbed that IT+46 developed for IDRC during WSIS 2006, Tunis

Keyword(s): Glossary, Locale, Localization, Spellchecker, WSIS,