February 20, 2007 17:36

Community Wireless Networks @Fantsuam

Community Wireless Networks  @Fantsuam

Fantsuam Wireless Hub

A tower of 150 feet has been erected at Fanstuam Foundation premises. Fanstuam headquarters is one kilometer from the center of Kafanchan, where many of the potential partners are situated. The visibility in a normal is more difficult that i expected as the dust makes very difficult to see the sites that are more than 1.2 Kms away. We needed to climb the tower over 20 meters to have the first look of the town. Fantsuam is at least 10 meters lower than the town center. This is very unfortunate as the simulations using SRTM telemetry did not reveal that different of hight.

We also had the chance to use some new climbing gear. I purchased some "vertical work" specialized Carabiners. The gadgets allows to hook and unhook from the tower while climbing. They really worth the 70 EUR as they are really easy to use when climbing.

We made it to the top and yes, the tower was bouncing up there... pictures will follow once back in Sweden.