Link Performance Parameters in IEEE 802.11, How to increase the throughput of a wireless long distance link

Published 12 Apr 2007 by Louise Berthilson

Advanced Link Performance Parameters in IEEE 802.11, yet another free training unit in Wireless Communications released by IT +46.

The training material is a general guide for advanced link performance parameters for wireless (IEEE 802.11 based) networks. It targets a set of features that with correct usage can improve the throughput of the wireless link. Most of the performance parameters are not a part of the IEEE 802.11 standard and need therefore to be implemented carefully.

The parameters discussed in this document modifies the behavior of IEEE 802.11 MAC. Other optimizations in the IP or transport layer are out of the scope of this document. To make the document as simple as possible we have described all features following a common template: Functionality, Default values, Valid range and Instruction on when and how to best use the feature.

Although the guide can be applied with many wireless access points, the smartBridges serie AirPoint/AirClient NEXUS PRO TOTAL has been used as a reference.

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