July 1, 2007 14:44

Booking a flight to Nigeria

Booking a flight to Nigeria
We are preparing for another trip to Nigeria to work on a Electricity Backup System for Fantsuam Foundation in rural Nigeria. As usual, we do the bookings online, except for the hotel reservation in Kafanchan that requires local assistance since no fix telephony exist (hence no fax), the hotel lacks Internet connection and the GSM network is highly unreliable.

Anyway, I look for a suitable flight to Abuja, that is the capital of Nigeria, with my favorite booking site, Travelpartner. Instead of a list of available flights, the following text is displayed to me:

"Unfortunately, we can not book tickets to Nigeria on the Internet, please contact our support center."

Although this is my second trip of Nigeria, I get a bit surprised. Last time I book the ticket, I was only restricted to pay via bank transfer as no credit cards were allowed for Nigerian destinations. This time, not even that is possible! What's next? I need to charter my own plane to Nigeria, or?

Note that the URL in the snapshot includes the tag "blocked country" (click on the image for higher resolution). Wonder who else are included in that list of countries?