2004 - 2009

bullet1 We are five years old!

Published: 30 Mar 2009

We started IT46 five years ago with the aim to bring new technologies to the developing world. Making the world a better place has been an engaging activity so far and there is still lots of work to do. We had been traveling to enough dusty places to understand that the world is really broken and needs lots of patch work. Starting from the scratch does not seem an option!

Back in 2004, we were not sure how long this company was going to stay alive. We were not sure if it was going to be possible to keep our visions and still make a living. After five years of work, we are happy to say that we still love our work and specially the people we have met. Our vision has not changed: knowledge transfer, technology for change

During the last weeks in the cold Sweden, we have worked in our new website. Rearranging the site has been a task that took more time than expected, it has been a bit of house and mental cleaning (rounding corners and organizing material)... trying to merge together the 2GB of content that we have produced in five years has not been a simple task! The site contains 6000 files and 640 pdf documents!

In this new release of the website you can find an integrated training curricula under Our Work » Knowledge Transfer. There, you can find over 700+ pages of content in seven thematic areas licensed under Creative Commons. Copy them and let us know!

We have also compiled some of our software in an unified SVN server and integrated our news section under one single RSS

If you want to have a quick look to our work in the last years, check the About us » Reference Projects section or our About us » Annual Reports. The search option in the website should help you find all the content. You can search using our selected keywords and the search engine will provide you also a simple link that you can share with others or add to your website. Give it a try!

We hope to be around for another five years! Until then, copy, adapt and improve. Gracias, Tack, Asante, Thanks!

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