Fantsuam 150 feet central tower

bullet1 Fantsuam's tower collapses during heavy rain storm

Published: 24 Apr 2009

IT46 has been working Fantsuam Foundation (Kafanchan, Nigeria) in the establishment of Zittnet, the first rural community wireless ISP in Nigeria since 2006.

Today, we received the bad news that the central communication tower from Fantsuam was taken down by a strong wind the past Tuesday 21st April around 15.15 PM.

Ochuko Oneberhie from Fantsuam reported that during a heavy rain storm, the wind bent the tower from the top. In the course of its fall one of the legs was uprooted from the ground with the foundation. Several buildings including the old network operation center, a Cisco Laboratory and a neighboring building has been seriously damaged. No human casualty or injury was involved.

This is the second biggest natural disaster that Zittnet has suffered in a few months. In August 2008, a lighting direct strike destroyed a big part of their power and wireless infrastructure. Our best energy to Fantsuam and Zittnet in this difficult time and we hope that we can mobilize the very well deserved support that you need now!.

Posted by: Alberto Escudero-Pascual

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